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© Myk and Angela White  Married on 09/09/2017
How We Met....Hmmmmm
We went to Derek's in Manayunk to grab a bite to eat, and there was a since of love in the atmosphere that was never present previously. We lasted almost a full year but ended up going our separate ways. About two years later, we rekindled the relationship. This time things were different! Our conversations were about marriage. We knew what we wanted, and God brought it to fruition. As we now look back on our relationship, we can appreciate the journey and see the glorious hand of God. Because no matter how many times we went our separate ways, God found a way to bring us back together. Each time we got back together, we matured and took a step closer to where God would have us to be. We met as young kids, and now we will grow old together and we wouldn't change a thing about "Our Love Story."
How We Met....Hmmmmm
How we met? We met like every other couple, in elementary school of course. Wait, doesn't every married couple start as some sort of high school sweethearts? Oh, not you? Okay, you got us, we did not either; however, we have known each other since about the 4th grade. At the time, we were just friends. We were in the same classroom, played together, cracked jokes, walked to school together, even lived around the corner from each other; but never thought of ourselves as more than friends. After graduating from elementary school, we went our separate ways. When we graduated high school we went out on one date, but that was it. We had a good night, yet went our separate ways.
There was another occasion, we were both vacationing in Miami, while walking down the (infamous) Collins Ave in South Beach Miami; we spotted each other, exchanged numbers, and agreed to meet up. That night we met up at the five star Delano hotel, talked at poolside until the sun came up, chilled in a bungalow, had a few drinks, reminisced, and had a great time. Then we went our separate ways. Next, a conversation sparked through "Facebook". This time things finally got serious between us.
https://www.facebook.com/shantele.mack/videos/10214347930920428/ This is a video of the workplace Bridal Shower Hosted by Workplace Friends
How We Met How We Met